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Garage Door Repair Projects

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Garage Door Repair Projects

Here are some of the latest garage door projects that our team completed. If you’d like to check out some examples of our work, this is a great place to look.

Garage Door Off Track Near Holly Point Area

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Mrs. Williams went to open her garage door so she could work in the yard but found it got stuck partway open.
Our Solution: Upon investigating, we located the problem. Several rollers on her garage door had popped out of the track. Our professionals secured the door before opening the track to further examine the area. We located debris in the track that had forced the rollers out. After cleaning out the materials, our technicians put the rollers back into the track and assured it rolled smoothly.

Joann Williams - Holly Point
New Garage Door Installation, Lakeside FL

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: The customer needed a trustworthy, knowledgeable team to install his new garage door.
Our Solution: Once the old garage door had been completely removed from the system and moved aside, our technicians readied the new Sears Carriage House model door for installation. After connecting it to the track and attaching the cable, springs, and opener, it was tested.

Bryon Beck - Lakeside
Cable Replacement, Holly Point FL

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Ms. Obserznak noticed that her automatic garage door was listing increasingly to one side, and determined that one of her lift cables was tangled.
Our Solution: The only thing to do was lock the door shut, unplug everything, and release the cables on both sides for unspooling and replacement. The team also checked the springs and electric opener for signs of excessive wear and tear due to the faulty cables.

Henrietta Obserznak - Holly Point
Spring Replacement, Garage Door Repair Orange Park FL

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Garage door spring broke.
Our Solution: Seeing as this type of situation requires extra caution, we made sure the opener was disconnected and that no other part of the system was damaged. Then we replaced the old spring with a new unit and tested the door a few times to make sure it was adjusted correctly.

Kurt Slatzky - Orange Park
Opener Repair, Garage Door Repair Orange Park FL

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Opener doesn't work.
Our Solution: The main trouble was that the unit seemed to be getting the electrical power it needed, but was unable to move the door. We examined the interior components and discovered that the motor gear had worn out. After we replaced it, the opener returned to its optimal operation.

Lara Zakowski - Middleburg
Roller Replacement, Garage Door Repair Orange Park FL

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Noisy garage door.
Our Solution: A handful of the rollers broke, which was what was causing such an awful ruckus. Luckily, the customer caught the issue early on, so the tracks were barely damaged. We replaced the rollers with more durable steel units, which we then lubricated to ensure their silence and efficiency.

James Tablow - Orange Park
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